Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs 2017


         June 25 - July 15, 2017


         Transylvania University

         300 North Broadway

         Lexington, KY 40508


Each applicant must create a short video that tells why you want to be a part of this program. For teams, the team will create a single video they work on together.


Step 1:  Create Your Video:

Throughout the video you should tell us about one of the following:

  • your idea for a new and innovative product or service.


  • your talent and interest in entrepreneurship that will make you a valuable member of a team


What Kind of Idea?

An entrepreneur sees a problem or unmet want or need and offers a solution. Your video should show us what your idea is and what problem or unmet need/want it solves. Ideas should fall into one of these categories:

  • Information Technology- computer technology such as web-based platforms, mobile applications, video game development, software programs etc.  

  • Product or Service- a new or improved physical product or service (other than information technology ideas described above). For example when shoe companies developed running shoes with a hole in one of the soles to insert a sensor that transmits to a wrist watch to record running speed and distance. 

  • Method or Business Model -a new way of delivering a user experience or a product or service. For example when bookstores began selling e-books for download in place of paper books for pickup.

  • Other Idea - Do you have an innovative concept that doesn't fit the categories above yet you think would make a great business? Convince us!

Ideas that utilize science, technology, engineering, or math skills will be given highest consideration. Ideas that are for typical retail businesses (e.g. gift stores, hair salons, clothing stores) or service businesses (e.g., plumbing, landscaping, insurance firms) will not be accepted.

What Kind of Talent?

All idea creators need good business people on their teams. Your video should show us that you will make a great addition to a company building team. Tell us about your relevant skills, knowledge, and experience. Are you good at sales, marketing, programming or graphic design? Are you a number cruncher or good at building stuff? Can you figure out a process for accomplishing a task? Tell us what you can do and why you want to help create something meaningful.


    • Do be creative and show your individuality.
    • Do be sure we get your point – what exactly is your idea or your talent/skill?
    • Do make sure the sound is clear and we can hear and see all the important stuff.
    • Do get help from your school’s technology teacher or technology lab if you need it.


    •  Don’t go over two minutes in your video.           
    •  Don’t lose sight of your vision/dream/passion (or we will too).
    •  Don’t just talk into the camera the whole time. Be innovative in how you convey your information.
    •  Don't tell us your GPA or ACT score in your video.  We know you're proud of it but it won't help you get in!

Criteria  -  Every video must comply with the following: 

    • The video should NOT exceed two minutes.  GSE reserves the right to disqualify an application if the
      submitted video exceeds 2 minutes.
    • If you are applying as a team, the entire team will create one video together with every team member contributing to the video in some way. (Individual Team Members should NOT submit separate videos. Instead, elect a point person to submit your team's video, see the online application for instructions.)
    • You may recruit others to help you create your video (e.g. a staging assistant or cameraperson) but the content and style should be uniquely your own. Professional grade videos are NOT expected. Do your best with what you've got!
    • Commonly accepted ways for recording the video include using iPhones, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops with webcams etc.
    • All copyright and intellectual property laws must be obeyed. If you use music, make sure it is original or that you have secured the rights of use. If you use photos they must be your own or must be in the public domain. Proper credit should always be given.
    • No profanity or obscenity.

Videos that are noncompliant will be rejected and result in rejection of the application.

Remember, in this video you are “selling” yourself and/or your idea. Have fun with it – creativity counts.

Step 2:  Upload Your Video    (Additional FAQs regarding video uploading)

A)   Determine if you have a YouTube account:

             -> If you know you have an existing YouTube account, go to step B.

             -> Do you have a gmail address ? If so, you already have a YouTube account ! 
                  Go to step B and login using your Google gmail address and password.

             -> If you do not have a gmail address, follow YouTube’s instructions to create an account.
                   (You will actually be choosing a gmail address and creating a Google account which
                     includes a YouTube account.) Then go to step B

B)  Login to YouTube and click the "Upload" button on the top right of the screen. 
      If this is your first time uploading a video, you will be asked to create a channel first.
      Follow the instructions and then select the video file you created in Step 1 for upload.
      While the video is loading, go to Step C.

       Note: Average upload time for a 2 minute video ranges from 15 minutes to an hour.

C)   Add and save the following details and settings:

Title: Student Name, High School (indicate if for a team) 
Description:  Brief description of idea or "to be part of a team" 
Tags:  “GSE 2017 Student Application” 
Privacy Settings:  UNLISTED  (not private or public)



Step 3:  Submit a Link to Your Video

After it is uploaded, view your video and click the "Share" button. Copy the URL code for your video and paste the link into the online application form.

Example URL code: